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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Before Ramadhan

Yesterday, it was the second day in a row I ride my bicycle from home to Teluk Cempedak (TC), further climbed the Bukit Pelindung till I reached Beserah, a small beautiful town outskirt of Kuantan and back to town. Along with me was Syed Azimal, who was supposed to joined us a day earlier but due to flat tyre, was forced to retire. Frankly, the day before was tiring (a total of 31km) but since Syed was so eager to cycle (maybe due to Ramadhan), I volunteered to tag along. I was so tired that I had to stop at 25km... and ask nobody but my wife Sherry to pick me up and continued the journey back home by Toyota Wish! A life saver she is! Thanks Honey.

I received a SMS that night. "Jom main bowling @ 10pm". I think you guys now what happen, right? So, in one day, I have really squeeze out my energy and hopefully reducing my weight to at least 69kg (currently 72; BMI 26 - pre-obes!). Also, it is meant for stamina enhancement as i'll be leaving for umrah on Sept 17th.

What I learned now is that cycling is not just paddling; it needs planning. Cycling in the evening to TC requires stamina and endurance. You are cycling against the wind and that cost you a lot of energy to move forward, not to mention climbing the hill! That's why if you happen to watch Le Tour de Langkawi or any other cycling events, the group will follow the person in front and will only overtake once the time is right. They can save energy for the finishing line. However, that is only for a controlled situation. As for us, we don't have any escort! Think safety first.

Lastly, I would like to appologise for things or words that might hurt your feelings.

Selamat Berpuasa dan moga mendapat pahala Ramadhan yang lebih baik dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya.

Do'a malaikat Jibril menjelang Ramadhan " "Ya Allah tolong abaikan puasa ummat Muhammad, apabila sebelum memasuki bulan Ramadhan dia tidak melakukan hal-hal yang berikut:

* Tidak memohon maaf terlebih dahulu kepada kedua orang tuanya (jika masih ada);
* Tidak berma'afan terlebih dahulu antara suami isteri;
* Tidak bermaafan terlebih dahulu dengan orang-orang sekitarnya.

Maka Rasulullah pun mengatakan Amiin sebanyak 3 kali. Dapatkah kita bayangkan, yang berdo'a adalah Malaikat dan yang meng-amiinkan adalah Rasullullah dan para sahabat , dan dilakukan pada hari Jumaat.

Till next time!


Ija said...

Abang Mie..
Entry yang sangat membina..i like ..especially part yang last..
Minta maaf juga dari kami sekeluarga di Qatar

Liza Azahar said...


Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan! Abang, Akak dan baby sihat. Bila sampai ke Mekah nanti, doakan kami bertiga sihat. Jealous juga kakak bila dapat tahu Nazmi akan buat umrah kali kedua.

Mat Cendana said...

I don't know how tough the cycling trip was. But I'm sure it must have been especially so, asking Sherry to come and fetch! She didn't tell me about this one - just about you and Syed going cycling.

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